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Save the Dates

Today's subject is Save The Dates. Are they really all that necesary? Why do they have to be so expensive?

Well to answer the first question, kinda. They are a quick heads up to people who need extra time to make travel arrangements or just to request the day off from work. They can be as simple as a postcard or an email. They can also be as fancy as a business card sized magnet with your pictures on them with the info on it. Its totally up to you.

The answer to the second question is that they don't have to be. They can get pretty pricy if you order them online. I just got back from a trip to Michael's and I'm making the Save The Dates(STD's for short) for my parent's wedding as I type this.

Here's how I am doing it, step by step...


Cardstock in desired colors and patterns
(I am using the Cape Cod collection from Michaels for 3.99 for 50 sheets)

Rubber stamps and ink of your choice
(Right now Michaels has Valentine themed stamps for $1, I got one that says "All you need is love". My parents are huge Beatles fans!)

Glue stick


My example is going to be super simple and straight to the point.

I need to make about 100 STD's. I figure I can make at least 3 postcard size pieces per page.

  • Fist off I need to open my word processor I use Microsoft works because that's what came with my computer. Open a blank document and go under tools and click on envelope. You will get a small menu that has size options. Click down at the bottom where it says custom size. Set the size for 6" width and 4" height.

  • Now you have your postcard size document! Remove the text boxes and creat your postcard. Make sure to include your names, the date, city and state and the words "Formal invitation to follow".
    If you are not sure how to put it all in there, do a quick google search and look up Save The Date wording.

    This is the wording I am using:
    Save the Date!
    Roy and Maria Chaires'
    25th Wedding Anniversary
    August 7th, 2010
    Mount Vernon, WA

    Formal invitation to follow

  • Don't forget to spellcheck! When you are done will spell check and gramar check, print off a test run on plain paper. When you've made all the corrections you can and are satisfied you can do a test run on your cardstcok.

  • I cut the words out of plain paper and glued them to the bottom portion of the post card.

  • I then stamped a monogram that I made(instructions below) on the top center portion of the post card and waited until they were dry to put addresses on them.

I used the 4 different blues that came in the pack.

Another reason why postcards are ideal, postage is 28cents! You don't have to buy books of stamps, just take your stack of postcards to the Post Office and have them put the postcard stamps on. You'll save 16cents per card and If you have to send 100 cards thats a savings of $16.00. It may not seem like a lot, but believe me you can use that extra $16 for something else that comes along.

If you want a monogram for the Save the Dates an easy way to make one is in Paint or Photoshop. If you are like me and don't trust your computer skills too much you can do what I did.

  • Take the letters for your monogram from a set of rubberstamps that can be purchased anywhere from $1 to $15 depending on the size of the letters.
  • Tape the letters together when you are sure that they are centered.
  • Ink pads are available from the dollar store or from Michaels for $1.99.


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