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Jan. 26th, 2010

The wedding I am planning this very second is actually 25years in the making. Its my parent's 25th anniversary/slash/wedding they never had.
The color sceme is blues, white, and silver. It is after all their silver anniversary and they chose blues because its easier than trying to match one shade of blue. Be flexible! That's my first tip.

My mother saw a picture of a Hollywood Wedding reception that had cobalt blue glass dishes for the guests to eat off of. As much as I love her, we both decided that that was a little crazy to try to achieve on our budget, so we comprimised. We decided to use blue glass dishes for the centerpieces. Easier said than done right?!?! Actually it was kind of easy. I scoured everythift shop with in a 20 mile radius. I set a budget of $30 for the centerpieces not including the flowers. I went to 2 different shops and came out with 2 small blue glass votive candle holders for 50cents each. I felt I needed to step it up so I wandered over to Goodwill and noticed that they were having a pink tag sale. I went to the aisle that had the drinking glasses and voila!

Some of the taller vases were $2.99 with pink tags making them only $1.49 all the rest were 69cents and 49cents. I purchased 18 pieces for only $18.00!!!

The flowers in the picture aren't real, I made them out of paper to show my mother how the flowers would look in the glasses. They are super simple to make using white tissue paper and floral wire or pipe cleaners depending on what you have laying around the house. We decided on white carnations because they are always in season and clean and simple.

I also found a blue glass plate for 99cents and put some flameless candles that I got at the dollar store (2for$1). I am normally not a huge fan of flameless candles as they can be highly overpriced at some of the bigger stores and even walmart.

I know that some reception sites don't allow open flames for saftey reasons and this is a great alternative to real candles. Always check before you buy tons of real candles for the tables as you might not be able to take them back.

My second score was really a two day endevour. I went to a smaller thrift shop in the downtown area and was drawn instantly to this beautiful set of vintage light blue glass dishes. There were over 50 pieces dinner plates, cups and saucers with a simple design. I was not 100% on the price ($29.99) for the amount that I was getting that was less than $1 each, but still $29.99 was my whole budget for the center pieces. I asked an employee if they had been there long, she said since November. Some thift shops will be a little flexible with prices if an item has been in the store for a long period of time. Atleast we do at the thrift shop I work at. The employee then said those 5 magical words I was hoping to hear. "It goes half off tomarrow". I risked it, I left that pretty set and made a mental note of when they opened the next morning. At 9:30 am when the doors opened I made a dash for the dishes and walked out having paid $14.99 for over 50 pieces of beautiful vintage blue glass dishes.


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