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Today's tip 1-30-2010

Today's tip:
Ask Questions!

I cannot stress enough the importance of asking questions.

Asking each vendor atleast 10 questions gets you information that others don't get. If you ask a bunch of questions it shows that vendor that you are seriously interested in what they offer and they are more than likely to spend more time with you. You can't imagine how many times someone stops into their shop, asks "how much are these flowers" and then leaves. If you show interest, they will give you cost cutting tips, they will refer you to people who can do the same thing closer to your area, they can even sometimes make a deal with you on price.

Asking alot of questions lets you know exactly what you are paying for. For example if you go into a flowershop and ask about carnations, they will tell you they are $2 each. Ask them what that entails. You may think you get a carnation in a plastic bag, but what you are getting is a carnation with alot of fillers (ie. ferns, baby's breath, tissue and so on). Ask for the flowers naked. Just the flowers, if you are wanting to do the arrangements on your own. Usually they can cut the price in half. Even if you only get a few bucks off, you are still getting a deal because you asked questions.

Also asking questions helps with timelines. If you want to order your flowers now and the wedding isn't til August, then that's fine. If you ask what kind of notice they need to get you 10 dozen naked white carnations, they will tell you atleast 2-3 weeks. That way if you don't have the means just yet, you have sometime to save up.

Ask questions of the venues as well. Some places don't allow music after ten, others don't allow open flame. Ask to take a tour of the reception hall before you book. If you have plenty of time until the big day, see if you can attend an event in the same hall. That way you get a feel for how a party will function in that area.

Ask about payment plans, deadlines, extras. Don't settle for just paying what the tag says, negotiate, ask if they have free delivery if the venue is in the same town. Most of all make sure you know exactly what you are paying for.


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